Deep Dive 5Deep Dive 5

Deep Dive 5, Norway

This midweek consists of 5 varied day trips, with a physical challenge here and there, in the province of Telemark in southern Norway. A Deep Dive into the diversity of the Norwegian landscape. Climbing peaks, amazing views, gleaming lakes, a totally new experience every day. Besides all the beauty, this midweek guarantees adventure.

The first three days we hike in the area of Morgedal, with very diverse trips along lakes and forests, surrounded by silence. But also climbing a top with 360 degree panoramic views as a reward. The last two days we move to the surroundings of Rjukan, where we explore the high plains of the Hardangervidda especially above the tree line. A taste of the atmosphere, the space, the grandeur of the 8000 square kilometer national park.

This week is all about optimally enjoying with your dog, but you are also completely welcome without a dog. You carry a daypack with only the necessary necessities such as lunch and extra (rain) clothing. In addition to the day trips, if there is still energy left, there are plenty of options for other activities in the area.
You arrange the overnight stays yourself, you can choose from a hotel, perhaps your own camper, at a campsite or in a typical Norwegian cabin. After registration you will receive all information about this, together with a extensive packlist.

Information Deep Dive 5

True Nature Trails offers tailor-made trips for an unforgettable experience with your dog. The love for nature is high, as is the well-being of dogs. Avoiding stress in dogs is very important in any True Nature Trails tour. The dogs are mostly on a leash during this tour, due to safety, the presence of wildlife and the Norwegian regulations.

Your dog

* has an age of at least 1.5 years
* is physically in good condition and not overweight
* is emotionally stable
* can cope with changing circumstances well
* walks on the leash without any problems
* wears a Y-harness
* is led with a long leash of at least 5 meters (no flex line)

Number of persons/dogs

There is a maximum number of participants of 6. By keeping the groups small, there is peace for the dogs, more personal attention & you can enjoy nature more intensely. No mass groups but real attention for you and your dog.

There is a maximum of 1 dog per person.


A good condition is required for both the dog and the handler. We walk for several hours every day (approximately between 3 & 5 hours) with parts where we sometimes climb and descend quite a bit, walk in swamp soil or clamber on a surface of boulders. We climb peaks that sometimes require a bit of guts and focus. If you are afraid of heights, this trip may not be for you. In principle, if you are healthy and vital, and you can easily walk 15 km, then you can handle this tour. Also check the page about fitness.

Duration of the trip

5 days: June 12 to June 16, 2023

Starting point: Morgedal
End point: Rjukan

Travel costs incl. VAT* €555,-


* 5 day trips
* transport (day 2 & 3) to the start/end points of the walks
* personal tour guidance by an experienced guide
* satellite equipment to ensure our safety
* expert advice about walking techniques
* exclusive video of the trip, afterwards


* overnight stays (you will receive accommodation options after registration)
* travel costs to Norway (a private car is required for this trip)
* travel costs between the hiking locations (around Morgedal & Rjukan)
* meals
* cancellation insurance
* travel and accident insurance


You can register for this trip up to 4 weeks before departure.

*** The Deep Dive 5 will take place with registration of at least 5 participants.

Deep Dive 5
Deep Dive 5
Deep Dive 5
Deep Dive 5
Deep Dive 5
Deep Dive 5

In June 2022 we, our labrador Pleuntje, my husband and I, participated in the Deep Dive 5. It was also our first experience with Norway. And what an introduction! Overwhelmingly beautiful nature, also very varied, quiet and clean air. It exceeded all expectations. The group was pleasantly small, time for conversations but also time for silence. Great not to start too early in the morning, 5 days of the most beautiful walks, delicious packed lunch, enough breaks, sometimes groundbreaking, but in general doable. Anouk is a great guide who knows what she is talking about and who manages everything very well. I admire her way of life and this has certainly inspired me.

Thank you 🙏 Anouk en Taka & Lucy.

The Deep Dive 5, a setting that is actually tailor-made for us, with Niels Holgersson's stories in mind as a frame of reference...

So glad we were able to enjoy your expertise and good care.. you managed to "burden" us for 5 days with a wide range of views, nature, an unforgettable lunch and indelible memories ...

Such a fantastic experience and I don't just mean the beautiful, untouched, soothing and fascinating environment but also the experience of being able to share this positive energy with your own loyal friend (read .. four-legged friend) and like-minded people…

A prelude to more… :-). … and then I also speak on behalf of Roos … because if our physical condition allows it, the tent will come with us next year … 😉  although Roos needed at least 3 days to recover …