Reis met je hond door Noorwegen

Magic of the Fjells

* Norway *

A trip with your dog through Norway,
Magic of the Fjells

A trip with your dog through Norway, in the typical Norwegian fjells (the mountains), over rugged peaks or gently sloping mountains. Strolling through vast valleys with blue lakes, or a view of the highest peak of Telemark. This very beautiful and varied hiking week gives you breathtaking views, calms your mind and allows you to fully experience the wilderness.
A real adventure with your dog!

Drie dagen hiken over verschillende delen van de hoogvlakten van de Hardangervidda geeft je een goed beeld over de uitgestrekheid van dit 8000 km2 large National Park. In addition, we hike through Hallingskarvet National Park to a rugged mountain peak. We camp in the wild, always in a different place. A varied journey where contact with nature is the key.

The tours are mainly hiked with a daypack, which makes this trip accessible to many. See also the detailed itinerary. This is a fantastic trip with surprising hikes every day. Of course there is plenty of free time to relax and enjoy the surroundings. You will receive an extensive packlist after registration.

Information Magic of the Fjells

True Nature Trails offers tailor-made trips for an unforgettable experience with your dog. The love for nature is huge, as is the well-being of dogs. Avoiding stress in dogs is central to any True Nature Trails trip.

Your dog

* has an age of at least 1.5 years
* is physically in good condition and not overweight
* is emotionally stable
* can cope with changing circumstances well
* walks on the leash without any problems
* wears a Y-harness
* is led with a long leash of at least 5 meters (no flex line)

Number of persons/dogs

Minimum 6, maximum 6 adventurers. By keeping the groups small, there is peace for the dogs, more personal attention & you can enjoy nature more intensely. No mass groups but real attention for you and your dog.

Number of dogs: there is a maximum number of 6 dogs and 1 dog per person.


A good condition is required for both the dog and the handler. We walk for several hours each day (approximately between 3 & 5 hours) with parts where we climb and descend, walk in swamp soil and balance a lot between the many boulders. Also check the page about fitness. We hike a maximum of 15 km per day.

Duration of the trip

6 dagen: 24 juli t/m 29 juli 2023 (nog 2 plekjes vrij)

Starting point: Kongsberg
End point: Rjukan

Travel costs incl. VAT* €855,-


* 3 days hiking Hardangervidda National Park
* 1 day hiking in Hallingskarvet National Park
* visit to spectacular waterfalls incl. transport
* 2 nights wild camping
* 2-p lightweight tent (for 1 person with 1 dog)
* overnight stay plus breakfast & dinner in luxury mountain cabin day 3
* contribution per dog
* personal tour guidance by an experienced guide
* satellite equipment to ensure our safety
* expert advice about walking techniques
* introduction day in the Netherlands


* meals (optional to book, see below)
* overnight stays on camping day 1 & 5
* travel costs to start location Kongsberg (a private car is required for this trip)
* travel costs between the different hikes
* cancellation insurance
* travel and accident insurance
The travel insurance must include good mountaineering cover with search and rescue cover. This is mandatory.

Meal Package

Meals during the tours are an important part of the trip. Healthy nourishing ingredients provide the energy you need, preferably with as little weight and packaging as possible. It is possible to book a meal package that includes all meals, from dinner day 1 to lunch day 6. Including a dinner and breakfast in a mountain cabin on day 3. True Nature Trails uses the meals of LYO Food, with a very varied offer (with the exception of day 3).

The meal package includes breakfast, lunch & dinner. Do you eat vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, lactose-free or do you want organic? It's all possible.

The price of a meal package is €190.


You can register for this trip until May 27, 2023.

*** The Magic of the Fjells will take place with registration of at least 6 participants.

Magic of the Fjells
Magic of the Fjells
Reis met je hond door Noorwegen
Magic of the Fjells

*** Magic of the Fjells *** en magisch was het!

In je slaapzak overkijkend op een prachtig meer met de Noordster erboven. Een droom.

Zwemmen in een meer waar de laatste smeltende sneeuw in uitkomt. Beleving.

Huppelende en blije hond over de sneeuw. Geluk.

Het uitzicht op de top van een berg na een hoop geklauter over rotsen. Overwinning.

De geur van de bomen, het mos en de frisheid van puur natuur. Inspiratie.

De stilte van Noorwegen. Connectie.

De natte neus van je hond in je nek terwijl je slaapt. Liefde.

Anouk heeft mij geleerd hoe flexibel en ontspannen wildkamperen in Noorwegen is. Er werd rekening gehouden met alle honden en mensen in de groep. De variatie van de reis was fantastisch en super inspirerend. Ik ben nu, na deze trip, echt klaar voor mijn 6 dagen solo hike met mijn lieve hond Zen. Maar eerst nog een keer met Anouk mee naar Schotland, want met de groep is toch ook zo gezellig.”

Together with my dog, Anouk and the rest of the group I made the Magic of the Fjells trip in Norway. For me it was a very nice experience. Norway has a varied landscape with mountains, lakes, waterfalls, forests, moors… and we have been everywhere! Anouk knows all the beautiful (secret) corners of Norway, corners that I would not have found myself.

What I really liked is that the dogs were well taken into account. They were allowed to get used to each other at their own pace. Anouk also checks how they are doing physically. If necessary, the program is adjusted, which I think is a nice idea, the well-being of the dogs comes first.

I hope to be able to join True Nature Trails again in the future. And Anouk will hopefully bring the beautiful weather with it again :).

An unforgettable experience! Back to basic with your dog. Becoming one with nature, completely surrendering to the now. The rest is equally unimportant. Special to experience that. I really enjoyed traveling with a small group. Had interesting, valuable conversations with Anouk and my fellow travelers. Something to think about. The guidance is excellent, Anouk also stands her ground in unforeseen situations, keeps her calm and acts. Hats off. This trip made an incredible impression. Thank you.

An unforgettable journey with True Nature Trails. A journey that has connected me with my true nature, my true self. But also a journey that I can hardly put into words, so impressive, so intense. Hiking in Norway is truly wonderful.

Anouk is someone I could be completely myself with. The guidance was exceptionally good. The trip was taken care of down to the last detail. I got to know her as a good tour guide, her love and care for this earth and her dog Taka. She is a decisive, inspiring woman who stands firmly in her shoes.

The long walks threw me back on myself. This allowed me to pay attention to everything that lived in me. I feel it has brought me further in my consciousness.

The trip has inspired me immensely. I will be doing this more often! I really enjoyed being one with nature, the endless silence, drinking from lakes and rivers, waking up in a wide valley, seeing the mist lift in the morning, all the elements, the snow peaks, all back to basics . Even without a dog, this is an amazing trip! Thanks again Anouk for this unforgettable journey that I often think back on with a big smile!

Camping in the wild was just awesome!! The hiking was easier than I expected, very doable, if you trained well. Fun and educational assignments in between that I did not expect. The guidance of Anouk is very inspiring. I also liked the variety between the high mountainplateaus and the Norwegian forests. I will definitely go wild camping again with my dogs more often!

I found the environment and nature really beautiful! I even would have liked to hike longer, it was doable. Camping in the wild was also great. Sometimes I was touched by the assignments but it certainly also brought depth. I loved what other participants shared in the group.
The guidance was great! Relaxed, educational, profound and well-considered.
I take a lot of inner peace home with me and will make more time to enjoy nature at home. It was a wonderful trip with nice company, nice dogs, pure enjoyment.

What I especially liked is that everyone was given the time and space to be themselves. I found the guidance nice, clear and relaxed. I loved the wild camping, the places were really beautiful! I learned a lot from the trip and will definitely do it again.

Algemene Voorwaarden

Algemene Voorwaarden Noorwegen & Schotland

Op de True Nature Trails reizen in Noorwegen & Schotland is het volgende van toepassing:

1. Registration
1.1 Registration takes place by sending a fully completed registration form.
1.2 Registration is confirmed by a confirmation invoice.
1.3 Registration is only valid after payment of the travel sum on the confirmation invoice.
1.4 If the number of participants stated in the information is not reached, the trip may be canceled by the organization*1.

2. Travel sum
2.1 The travel sum is the total amount stated on the invoice. The travel information states what is included and what is not.

3. Price Changes

3.1 Due to fluctuating exchange rates, surcharges, taxes and other external causes, the travel sum may differ from the information.

4. Payment

4.1 A deposit of 30% of the travel sum must be paid within 10 days of receipt of the confirmation invoice.
4.2 The remaining part of the travel sum must be paid no later than 2 months before departure.
4.3 When registering within 10 weeks before the departure date, the full travel sum must be paid immediately.

5. Cancellation

5.1 Bij annulering tot 3 maanden voor de vertrekdatum is 30% van de reissom verschuldigd.
5.2 Bij annulering tussen 3 maanden en 1 maand voor de vertrekdatum is 50% van de reissom verschuldigd.
5.3 In case of cancellation between 1 month before departure and the departure date, 100% of the travel sum is due.

6. Liability

6.1 Participation is at your own risk.
6.2 Participants must be aware of the risks of the tour.
6.3 Participants must be aware of the needed fitness during this tour
6.4 Directions and instructions regarding safety from the organization must always be followed. Failure to comply may lead to exclusion from the trip without the right to any financial compensation or refund.
6.5 Directions and instructions from the organization regarding the physical preparation of the trip must be followed. Failure to comply may lead to exclusion from the trip without the right to any financial compensation or refund.
6.6 The organization is not liable for damage or injury incurred during the trip, except for negligence.
6.7 Schade aan gehuurd of geleend materiaal is voor rekening van de deelnemer.

7. Unforeseen Circumstances

7.1 Het programma kan door de organisatie worden aangepast indien omstandigheden hiertoe aanleiding geven, zoals buitengewone weersomstandigheden, fysieke of psychische problemen van deelnemers, materiaalpech en andere onvoorziene factoren.
7.2 Aanpassing van het programma vindt plaats naar het oordeel van de organisatie.
7.3 Aanpassing geeft geen recht op enige financiële vergoeding of restitutie.

8. Insurance

8.1 Participants are advised to have a travel and cancellation insurance. Having a cancellation insurance is not mandatory, but it is recommended. Travel insurance is mandatory and must include good mountaineering cover with search and rescue cover.

This insurance is not included in the tour price.

9. Deviations

9.1 Deviations from these general terms and conditions by the organization will only be established in writing.

(*1 Onder de organisatie wordt in deze Anouk Smit verstaan.)

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