Itinerary Mystique Scotland

A trip in the Scottish Highlands cannot be described in a few words. The true experience cannot be expressed in words and not even in photos. Anyway, to give a little bit of direction, here's a rough description of the trip.

Day 1: We meet around 2 pm for the acquaintance. After the introduction and a first practical workshop, we start the first trip along the coast with the mountains next to us. There is a good chance that we will spot the large red deer that frequently graze here. We camp in the wild on the coast.

Hiking: +/- 2 hours, with backpack.

Day 2: We continue our journey, this time upwards towards the plateaus. Once at the top, you have a panoramic view of the vast surroundings. After arrival to the highest peak, we descend again through the valley. Strolling through the tall grass, partly off the beaten track. At the end of the tour we return to the starting point and drive to a campsite. Sleeping in a youth hostel is optional.

Hiking: +/- 3 to 4 hours, with backpack.

Day 3: After a quiet morning, we start the next tour from the campsite. Over rolling hills we follow a river for hours. We pass several waterfalls and a deserted lake during the day. We end with a phenomenal view over a beautiful valley where we set up the tents.

Hiking: +/- 5 hours, with backpack.

Day 4: After a lonely night on the plateau, we continue our way towards the valley we overlooked. Slowly we descend further and further into the valley where we reach another large river. An easy hike today, mainly downhill. The river eventually brings us back to civilization. Afterwards we return to a campsite for a warm shower and a free afternoon/evening. Sleeping in a youth hostel is optional.

Hiking: +/- 3 hours, with backpack.

Dag 5: Today we have a bit of a 'rest day'. After a quiet morning at the campsite, we drive about 35 minutes to our next wild camping spot. Here we set up the tents on a river. From there we take a short walk in the area. The rest of the afternoon is at leisure (several options are offered).

Hiking: maximum 1½ to 2 hours, with daypack.

Day 6: We order a blue sky today. This day we get up early and cross the river to start our hike. We leave the tents behind. From sea level we climb to almost 900 meters, the highest point in the area. This is the toughest climb of the entire week. The last part takes some perseverance, but you will defenitily be rewarded for it. The view is phenomenal!
After the descent we return to the tents. The rest of the afternoon is free to spend and we rest (several options are offered if you still have some energy).

Hiking: +/- 4 hours, with daypack.

Day 7: We park the car at the starting point from where we head back into the highlands. A not too long hike to a beautiful clear lake. At the edge of the lake we set up our tents and enjoy the peace, the view and the silence. Maybe you even fancy a refreshing dip?

Hiking: +/- 2 hours, with backpack.

Day 8: We break down the tents and hike further up the ridge of several peaks with views all around. The place where we slept is beautiful to see from above. After we have reached the highest point just above 700 meters, we descend again towards civilization and the coast. The last part we walk on the beach back to the starting point. Here the week will finish. We can have one last evening together at a campsite or you choose to go your own way.

Hiking: +/- 4 hours, with backpack.

~ hiking times do not include a break and are a guideline.

the route and the program are subject to change if the weather conditions ask for it.