Algemene Voorwaarden Noorwegen & Schotland

Op de True Nature Trails reizen in Noorwegen & Schotland is het volgende van toepassing:

1. Aanmelding
1.1 Aanmelding vindt plaats door het opsturen van een volledig ingevuld aanmeldingsformulier.
1.2 Aanmelding wordt bevestigd door een bevestigingsfactuur.
1.3 Aanmelding geldt pas als definitief, na betaling van de reissom op de bevestigingsfactuur.
1.4 Indien het in de informatie genoemde aantal deelnemers niet wordt gehaald, kan de reis door de organisatie*1 geannuleerd worden.

2. Travel sum
2.1 The travel sum is the total amount stated on the invoice. The travel information states what is included and what is not.

3. Price Changes

3.1 Due to fluctuating exchange rates, surcharges, taxes and other external causes, the travel sum may deviate from the information.

4. Payment

4.1 A deposit of 30% of the travel sum must be paid within 10 days of receipt of the confirmation invoice.
4.2 The remaining part of the travel sum must be paid no later than 2 months before departure.
4.3 When registering within 10 weeks before the departure date, the full travel sum must be paid immediately.

5. Cancellation

5.1 In the event of cancellation up to 3 months before the departure date, 30% of the travel sum is due.
5.2 In the event of cancellation between 3 months and 1 month before the departure date, 50% of the travel sum is due.
5.3 In case of cancellation between 1 month before departure and the departure date, 100% of the travel sum is due.
5.4 In the unlikely event that the trip has to be canceled due to circumstances beyond the control of True Nature Trails, the trip will be moved to another date or you will receive a voucher to spend the amount already paid at another time.
5.5 Costs incurred, after final booking, by True Nature Trails that cannot be canceled will be charged.

6. Liability

6.1 Participation is at your own risk.
6.2 Participants should be aware of the risks of the trip.
6.3 Participants must be aware of the difficulty of the journey.
6.4 Directions and instructions regarding safety from the organization must always be followed. Failure to comply may lead to exclusion from the trip without the right to any financial compensation or refund.
6.5 Directions and instructions from the organization regarding the physical preparation of the trip must be followed. Failure to comply may lead to exclusion from the trip without the right to any financial compensation or refund.
6.6 The organization is not liable for damage or injury incurred during the trip, except for negligence.
6.7 Damage to rented or borrowed material is 100% at the expense of the tenant.
6.8 You are responsible for transportation to the first accommodation and/or the agreed meeting point. True Nature Trails cannot be held responsible for any additional costs incurred by you in the event of schedule changes, delays and/or cancellations.

7. Unforeseen Circumstances

7.1 At True Nature Trails you opt for an adventurous journey and therefore also for a certain risk. If we have to resort to alternatives, you can rest assured that we will do our very best to maintain the quality of the trip as much as possible.
7.2 The program can be adjusted by the organization if circumstances give rise to this, such as extraordinary weather conditions, physical or psychological problems of participants, material breakdown and other unforeseen factors.
7.3 Adjustments to the program will take place at the discretion of the organization.
7.4 Adjustment does not entitle to any financial compensation or refund.

8. Insurance

8.1 Participants are advised to take out travel and cancellation insurance. Taking out cancellation insurance is not mandatory, but it is recommended. Travel insurance is mandatory and must include good mountaineering cover with search and rescue cover.

This insurance is not included in the travel price.

9. Deviations

9.1 Deviations from these general terms and conditions by the organization will only be established in writing.

(*1 In this context, the organization is understood to mean Anouk Smit.)

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